Welcome to RazorSix Tactical. We have searched the world for the best products available and improved upon those designs to bring you the most complete design available using only the best material available today. We look forward to assisting you with your tactical needs. We were founded by combat veterans in 2010 for the sole purpose of providing extreme customer service, training and gear to the tactical and shooting sports field markets. Buy once…buy for life .™ Baptized by fire…bound by duty. Combat Tested..Combat Proven™

Our exclusive design RazorSix (R6) Remora© * systems are based upon 45 years of experience from within our operational staff. Some designs trace their origins back to the original World War II, Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It was then, OSS Colonel Rex Applegate and the British Special Operations Element (SOE) now called the Special Air Service (SAS) who first developed Close Quarters Combat (CQC), today called Close Quarters Battle (CQB). Applegate assisted in the development of specialized gear for those frontline operators. We followed in those footsteps.

Our RazorSix systems can be used in conjunction with most of todays tactical gear. Our gear is designed for protection from the elements, while still giving you comfort. If you are tired of having your tactical gear flop all around ………….... pick something that gets stuck on you!

We started off with an idea, that turned into a business out of our garage.

We soon outgrew our garage. Moving led to opening a retail shop and offering training.

Our success led to our products being carried in other stores. 

Today we are webstore selling to the public and wholesale to dealers.

We host national level instructors at various training facilities primarily in the Pacific NW.



Heng Him

US Army (R)


Combat Tested..Combat Proven