• AK WIKQD Mount


    The RazorSix Tactical AK-WIKQD™ (patent pending) sling attachment point. Convert that AK sling to most AR type slings. Works perfect with the RazorSix AXE SBR sling. No modifications no stock changes....just screw and go. No rolling.. Simple ...reliable ...convenient. Works on 99% of all AKs, SKS, AKM, RPK, Israeli and South African Galil’s -Does not affect the accuracy or harmonics of the AK. Made from mil spec aluminum, black anodized with the RazorSix Diamond logo . Testing: In range tactical testing in a harsh environment resulted in 100% reliability with no failures or accuracy issues-in fact we proved the AK to be more accurate-due to the fact you have more muzzle control with the device and sling. Testing consisted of short bursts and rapid fire to the point of barrels being red hot. Mounting instructions are included and emailed to each purchaser. Combat tested-combat proven-Just wicked!

    Video shows the test of the WIQKD Mount along with our AXE SBR Sling.