• Axe SBR Sling


    Our tribute SBR AXE Compression Sling. Named after Matthew Axelson from Operation Red Wings. $10 from the purchase of every sling goes to the Matthew Axelson foundation. https://www.facebook.com/matthewaxelsonfoundation

    Just clip to your weapon and you are ready to go. The AXE SBR sling comes standard with HK style swivel-snap hook gives operators a simple, highly functional, convenient means for securing and stabilizing the weapon. Convert from 2 point sling to single point sling in seconds! The sling is made from lightweight, durable webbing with just the right amount of “bungee”. This sling is comfortable and easily adjusted for the user’s various equipment configurations. When adjusted correctly, it allows for both primary side and support side shooting. A cam buckle adjustment with paracord is used to adjust the sling on the fly for user comfort and to help maintain the weapon close to the operator’s body. This system maximizes weapon carry safety and flexibility and ensures a smooth, rapid transition from a “weapon-ready” posture to a “weapon secured” capability, when the situation dictates.

    Upgrade Remora Action Sling (RAS) connection kits are available in QD mounts, silent mounts, gatorclip mounts, mash hook mounts, snap shackle mounts, extender mounts and Harris (hunting) rifle mounts.

    Colors: Black, OD Green and Tan

    Our video shows the test of the AXE SBR sling and our new AK WIQKD Mount.