• Razorback Boar Brush


    Desert, sandy and dusty environments are rough on weapons. To get that grime off we use the RazorSix Razorback Boar Hair Brush. Our Razorback Brush fits in the palm of your hand. Stronger and thicker than badger hair, these bristles are not as flexible as the badger. When water comes into the hog-bristles they are not as elastic as badger hair thus wiping away that grime and dust on your weapon! The brush fibers get into crevices you cannot reach with that GI cleaning kit.

    The RazorSix Razorback Boar Hair Brush is 100% genuine boar’s hair permanently glued into molded Kydex handle.

    Cleaning the brush is easy. After every use, the Razorback Boar Hair Brush should be given a quick "dry-clean". Hold the brush bristle-side down. Take the back (flat) edge of a comb and draw the comb back and forth rapidly over the bristles. The comb will "flick" the bristles, causing accumulated dust to fall out of the comb.