• Remora Action Balls (RABs) Sniper Squeeze


    RazorSix Sniper Remora Action Balls-(RABs)-Get a set of balls!

    The RABs™ sniper poly bag is a flexible rest placed under the rear stock or front forearm of the rifle to help stabilize the weapon and manage elevation for more accurate shots.

    The RABs™ sniper poly bag is made from water resistant 1000 Denier Cordura and is filled with a non-toxic, non-perishable polymer that provides the stabilizing quality of sand without the weight.

    It has one strap running the length of the bag for hand hold and a small 550cord loop to secure the RAB to your weapon, ruck or other gear. The loop also serves as a drain hole. The hand hold strap allows for shot stabilization, and adjustment for elevation. All seams are double stitched.  RABs™ sniper poly bag can be used as a rear rest, horizontally or vertically to gain higher elevation.
    RABs come filled with stable nonabsorbent poly material for years of service.


    • 1000 Denier Cordura (water resistant)
    • Premium Non-toxic polymer filling
    • One strap at the middle and one 550 cord loop
    • Measures 6” Wide x 4” High
    • Weighs approximately 1lb

    Colors: Black, Tan, OD, Grey, 3 Day Desert, AOR1, AOR2