• WRAP-D Sling


    The RazorSix Weapon Retention Action Point-D (WRAP™) Device is hands free literally.  The WRAP-D™ is a bungee system that secures your weapon to your side while still able to maintain close control should the need arise.  The WRAP-D™ uses a ITW QASM™ to maintain a quick access point while an ITW G Hook keeps a small limit profile to your back side. The operator can choose their own mounting location on armor or belt system. The operator gets better freedom of movement during a custody arrest, fast rope or entry breach. 

    The WRAP-D™ allows the operator to quickly press the weapon back into service by pulling the snap shackle actuator. Storage for the system when not in use is a simple as snapping the WRAP-D™ back into the QASM™ buckle. Get Wrapped!

    Colors: Black, Tan, OD